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June 3, 2012
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Grell sighed not so quietly as he sat in his lacy boudoir, which was red, of course, in total distraught. He was faced with one of the toughest, neigh, THE toughest decision he must face. He had to choose between two alluring people to make his. Truly, these were the problems that mattered. And currently the decision wasn't the easiest to make. Between the two beauties, he just couldn't choose. First,  there was the devilishly handsome butler of the Phantomhive household, Sebastian Michaels. He was truly a spectacle to behold. His light pale skin that shone in the soft moonlight. His raven-black hair that was slightly overgrown but all it did was make him all the more attractive. How he always looked so clean and fresh in his long black uniform and white gloves that cover the mark that bound him and his master, Ceil, together. Not to mention he can still look damn fine while fighting and killing anyone that got in his or his master's way was just the icing on the dangerously delicious cake known as Sebastian. However, with all these great things about the handsome, handsome man, there was one thing that just seemed to be a slight pet peeve of the great grim reaper. Sebastian just constantly played hard to get and he played it well. Really well. He swore, that butler could be an actor with how well he played out his "disinterest" in Grell. Grell had found it playful in the beginning but now it just tended to get a little old as time went on. And on the other side, there was the little sweet heart known as _____. She too was a servant for the "oh-so-great" Ceil but unlike the demon butler, she was not bound to him for life, she could quit, but she was in need of the work and shelter right now. She was a sweet girl, very trusting, even to Grell. Though probably to a fault. She actually even seemed to love Grell in the same way he loved her, though her  intentions were probably more innocent than his. The only problem? Well, _____ was a woman and he didn't quite work well with that. It was just how he was. And so back we are, with Grell's oh so important decision to make between the two beauties. "How am I supposed to choose between my Sebastian darling or my sweet ______?" He whined as he stood up and strolled over to the small library that one belonged to his past partner, Madame Red. He sighed once more as his fingers scrolled over the dusty old books that looked not be touched in years. His fingers glided over a binding of a strange book, with gold lettering and a green cover. He glanced through the book and his eyes instantly went wide, as well as a devious smile began to spread into his thin lips.


You gentle huffed behind the large and heavy load of laundry in your small arms as you helped Sebastian with the laundry. And with the master's fiancé staying for a week, there was a LOT of clothing to wash. "Don't slack off now, ______. We still have to make lunch later."

"I wouldn't dream of it" you murmured under your breath as you hung the clashing bright dresses and dark blue overcoats on the thin clothing line, both of you unaware of a certain red head hiding in the bushed not to far away murmuring gibberish. Suddenly, you felt a dizzy spell come on, and it seemed Sebastian was not too far behind as you as you both fell to the ground with a thud.

Slowly but surely, your vision seemed to return, as the bright sunlight glowed over head. You began to push your stiff body up from the ground and rubbed your aching head. "What on earth happened? How long was I out?" You questioned. Then you looked back at your hand. You were wearing gloves. Why were you wearing gloves? You never worn gloves unless it was winter but it was summer and you were wearing gloves. Soon you realized the rest of your wardrobe changes. Instead of your dark maids dress, you were wearing a black suit, almost like… "Would you care to explain who you are?" You heard a familiar voice say. You look up to see…you. Wait, what?! "Who am I? Who are you?! And why do you look like me?!" you exclaimed as you stood up, now standing over you… that just sounds bizarre. "_______? Its Sebastian. What on earth happened to us?" he said as he looked at his new body. "It worked!" a voice suddenly broke out. You both turned to the garden to see Grell, jumping out of the near by bush wish a large smile on his face. "Grell? What are you doing here?" You exclaimed, a soft blush on your new pale skin. "Well my darlings," Grell started "I couldn't seem to decide which one was perfect for me. Sebastian with his looks but poor attitude or _____ the sweet hear but… woman parts. So I thought I'd get the best of both and do a little switch a roo!" Sebastian looked to his hand, where the mark seemed to transfer to your hand. "Well, it doesn't change that I'm bound to Ceil."

"I know! So now, I'll just take ____ off your hands and leave you to explain" Grell exclaimed as he grabbed your new hand and pulled you away, leaving Sebastian to have to explain to your master. You looked to Grell, a brighter blush on your cheeks. Maybe this change wouldn't be so bad.    

Request made by :iconmidnightsquirrel:

This was certainly an interesting one to write. For anyone who has read Black Butler, you how Grell is all over Sebby. And having to write an x reader for him seems to be almost impossible. But thankfully my friends were able to help with some ideas and this story got done! I hope you like it and I got more work coming soon!
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MiyuxTheNobody Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Also... I'd imagine William is going to beat the living shit out of Grell when he finds out about this. ahH 
kawaiibambino Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
The thing is that I really want to be a boy.
The-Enderwolf Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
I love how there's just a list of comments all like "Grell, The fuck did you do!? NO!" Seriously though, my rage and Sebastian's demon strength combined will destroy Grell. I don't care how fabulous he is I'M ABOUT TO WHOOP SOME SEXY SHINIGAMI ASS.
Pebbisis Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist
WAIT? Does this mean that Sebastian now have boobs? ><
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That's what I was thinking
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What did I just read?
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I don't even know and I'm the one who wrote it.
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Please write more of this!!
briannamichaelis Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Student General Artist
Moar please!!! So now I'm in Sebastian's body now. That isn't gonna work cause he's my husband. And what if i have to go to the bathroom? This could get awkward. :3 great job. Keep writingKitty begging 
Zinka17 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha wow what a weird way to get what you want Grell.
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